Photo Wedding Monitor in Okinawa
Limited to foreign residents of Japan and foreign tourists,
Free Recruitment

From among those who apply
A total of 6 pairs will be selected by drawing
Okinawa (main island)
Free photography monitors will be awarded!

Target audience

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

Shooting date

Scheduled for August 2024

Photo Studio i.s. okinawa
will be rolling out inbound photography plans 【Kariyushi】 and 【Ryu-sou】

【Kariyushi】 is a plan for casual photo shoots with couples, couples, families, and friends with the blue ocean of Okinawa in the background. Please come in your favorite costume. We also recommend taking photos wearing Kariyushi wear, the representative costume of Okinawa.

【Ryu-sou】 is an experiential photo shoot plan where you wear Okinawa's traditional costume "Ryu-sou", visit old Ryukyu houses and castle walls, and take photos while feeling the history and culture of Ryukyu. In addition, after the photo shoot, you will enjoy watching Ryukyu dance while enjoying Ryukyu cuisine.
(※ We will prepare costumes [Ryusou] here. One each for men and women.)

With the rollout of two new plans, each plan will be offered to 3 people through a lottery. Of course, we will give you a photo taken by a professional photographer.

Would you like to take photos of your special memories with us?

Recruitment details


Foreign residents in Japan or foreign tourists visiting Japan.
*This is a shooting plan for inbound tourists, so it is limited to foreigners.

Number of applicants

3 groups for each plan
(There is no limit to the number of people at Kariyushi. Couples, families, and friends are welcome.)
(Ryu-sou will be recruiting as a male and female pair.)

Application period

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

How to apply

Selection method

Determined by lottery. We will notify you of the results by email.

Shooting date

Scheduled for August. Other dates are available upon request.

Shooting location

Okinawa prefecture (main island). Details will be sent to the winners.

Contents provided

Location shooting (photos/videos) and 10 edited photo data cuts


・Those who agree to use the photos and videos taken for our company's promotions

・Those who can cooperate with questionnaires and SNS posts after shooting

Those who enjoy participating in the shooting


・If there are any deficiencies, errors, or falsehoods in the application information, your application and participation in the monitor will be invalidated.

・Transportation expenses to the meeting place, accommodation expenses, and expenses incurred due to customer convenience are to be borne by the customer.

・There may be some changes to the shooting content.

・Shooting may be canceled or postponed, or the content may change depending on the weather.

・We are not responsible for any troubles such as loss, damage, theft, etc. during monitor shooting. Please be careful and manage your own luggage and belongings during the photo shoot.

・After the photo shoot is completed, the photo will be sent to the address you provided.

Flow of monitor participation

Announcement of winners (August 2024)
We will send details to the winners via email.

Contact us regarding your participation
(if we do not receive a reply within 3 days, we will assume that you have declined).

Free photo shooting

Fill out the questionnaire and post on SNS

Receive edited photos via email